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The Collège de Jeumont Project
The Collège de Jeumont  renovation Project in the North of France

The goals of the client:
Collège Charles de Gaulle in Jeumont is typical of constructions built during the 1960's. The project involved modernising the aesthetics of the building and reinforcing its insulation. The Conseil Général du Nord awarded this renovation project to Cabinet d'Architecte Simon.

The solutions installed by BRIDAULT SOLUTIONS for the Simon firm include Exterior PIZ insulation, which is a "2 in 1" material: insulation + cladding. Coupling this innovative system with BRIDAULT SOLUTIONS' precise installation techniques vastly improved the building's energy and economic performance. The result is attractive, durable, and easy to maintain.

  • Collge de Jeumont, before:
  • Collge de Jeumont, after:
  • Collge de Jeumont: Piz cladding
  • Collge de Jeumont:
  • Collge de Jeumont before being finished off
  • Collge de Jeumont:
  • Collge de Jeumont :
  • Collge de Jeumont, architect: Jean-Michel Simon